The House of Worship of the Most Holy Twallan

I just posted this over at TSD, and then I realised… I should be posting this kind of lot tours in my blog! That’s what it’s for! 😛

So anyhow, for those of you that still read this (I just checked, and I have 5
followers! Seriously, how I managed to lure you guys into following a blog that never ever has updates?! Must be my magic powers.)

Anyhow, not-so-long-ago I decided, inspired by Manu and her cathedral and Susan and her statues (they’re great, you can get them here, here, and here – they’re all different so check the three links! 😉 ) that my sims are going to be Twallan worshippers (not all of them, but more on that later. Don’t hold your breath though, “later” doesn’t mean “in this post”).

And what this means is that they’re going to need a proper church  place of worship. And so, this building was born. In my mind, it used to be a church but it was taken over by Twallan worshippers when theirs became the major religion in Coffee City. Nowadays most sims are puzzled by the remains of a previous, vanished religion, such as the oldest graves in the churchyard, that show cross-shaped structures. Coffee City’s top historians are working hard to figure out what could they mean. (Or they would, if Coffee City had any historians at all, let alone any top ones. But it’s in our priority list, get some historians and investigate this. We’ll get around to it, promise! Someday.)

But I won’t bore you anymore, let’s get to the pics! *Insert happy dance here* (The pics are somewhat bad quality I believe, sorry about that. I’m working on it, I’ll try to take better ones from now on! 😉 ).



The church, ahem, I meant the House of Worship, has both a garden and a graveyard.



(Note the benches in the garden 🙂 )



The altar:



Upstairs, there’s a tiny spot for the organist. The choir would be here, too, if we had a choir.



As you maybe can spot in the pictures, there are some rooms next to the altar. These are the bathrooms (didn’t take pictures, but they’re very small and plain. I also forgot to take a “building’s overview” picture. Sorry!), the confessional, and the priest’s office. Here they are!





Stella’s Love Life – The story

It would be totally understandable if you couldn’t believe that Stella Jones, as perfect as she is, has trouble finding a decent man. She can’t believe it, either. Of course, part of this lack of success has been that there are really not many sims out there who Stella can consider worthy for herself. But even when she finds one that may cut it, he ends up running away from her. And she honestly can’t picture any sane person who would do that on purpose, because, come on, it’s Stella we are talking about!

Seeing how desperate the situation is – and Stella doesn’t dramatize things easily, mind you! – she has decided to take extreme measures. So here you have her, the queen, the diva, the woman, the myth… Looking for dates on the Internet. *Gasp*


First, she has to set up a profile. What’s up with those lame default choices? The trait-detecting software they use must have been designed by a moron! Or at least, by someone who is not awesome as Stella. She decorates her traits and physical description, changing all the silly things the system suggested for her to more interesting ones. After much tweaking, she’s hardly recognizable, but she is satisfied. Time for single hunting!

Stella scroll through loads of profiles, and as usual, sees nothing that impresses her enough. Loser, married, married, loser, loser, married, married, married too, looks gay, married, loser… Hey, this one doesn’t look too bad. Uh, let’s check it out. A single, young police officer, comes from wealthy family… May just be the man of her dreams!


Stella is not shy at all and sends him a message right away.

“Hello cutie. I’m Stella, you probably have heard about me already. In case you haven’t (although you should live in a cave for that to happen) I plan weddings, I play the piano, and I’m stunning. I’m also intelligent and funny.  And, how lucky you are, I’m interested in meeting you! If you didn’t lie in your profile and want to have the chance to date such a great star, we’ll meet at the pub tomorrow. I will be fashionably late. Don’t screw this up and the next wedding I plan may be our own.

Love, the very best person in the whole world.”

Afterwards, Stella runs to get ready for the date, because there’s no need to wait for confirmation – who would ever refuse? No one! Stella is too irresistible, she’s inmune to rejection!


Then she gets ready another time, because you never know… And Stella hates unexpected things.Image

This dating strangers thing is making her so nervous! She sent the message fifteen minutes ago and that dude still hasn’t answered! What does he think, that he can fool with Stella?! Oh, no, he’s very wrong if he thinks that!

To try to shake away nervousness (being nervous leads to wrinkles and that totally would ruin Stella’s beautiful face!) she decides to spend time with Fifi and give her a bath.


Andrew doesn’t understand her sudden interest in actually doing her job as pet owner (co-pet owner, if you ask Andrew) instead of just playing with Fifi or such, what she usually does. He asks her about this, but Stella is not in the mood for dealing with her silly brother… And as happens frequently with her, confrontation ensues.


Yes, Andrew, I know it isn’t fair that you have to suffer the consequences of her bad mood… As usual.


After that, Stella runs off to the store, as she just remembered she has to get a new killer outfit for the date. Image

And if this is not being dressed to impress, then Stella certainly doesn’t know what it is! Then again, when you look like you should have been sculpted in marble, is too easy to find clothes!


And when she goes back home, she finds an answer: he said yes! Meaning, of course he did. What else could it be? It’s not like she got any excited from seeing a little text.

At the next day, just a bit past the set hour, Stella enters the pub; but there isn’t anyone waiting for her there. No, there’s no young boy worried and with a bouquet of roses for her. In fact, there’s no young boy at all. Stella sits at the bar and orders drinks, thinking maybe he went to the restroom or something.Image

But time goes by and that guy isn’t coming. After an hour Stella, angry (and, why not to say it, a bit drunk) calls him to ask for an explanation. And it better starts with “I’m at the hospital, a bear ate my hand”.


Stella: Stella here. Not that I’ve noticed, because I’m surrounded by faboulous, charming people like me anyways, but it’s been brought to my attention that you haven’t come to meet me like you said you would…

Dude: Yeah, I wasn’t feeling like it. 

Stella: And… Are you going to come anytime?

Dude: I don’t think so, I’m fine where I am…

Stella is absolutely furious. He turned her down, blatantly! He didn’t feel like it! Oh, sure this guy is going to pay for this mistake! And HOW!

And we all know what happens to innocent bystanders like the barman when Stella is enraged…


This isn’t ending here. Stella is able to track the boy with her phone’s built-in GPS, and soon finds him at home… And in that moment, he decides he has to leave.


Stella knows that she is getting (barely) stalkerish, but for some reason she can’t just let it be and go back home. She follows him to the hospital.

And there, things start getting weird. When she finally gets to speak to him, he does apologize and makes poor excuses for his behavior, that Stella wouldn’t usually believe…


… But today there’s a wonderful full moon, and it doesn’t help that she’s drunk, tired, and needy. So much, that they even get to the elevator…


After woohoo, Stella suddenly regains her reasonable thinking abilities. She’s horrified at having woohooed with a stranger… and one who treats her badly for that matter. It doesn’t help that he starts boasting after it, and then treats her harshly again when she tries to talk to him.



This incident leaves Stella in a downer mood, and she stays home for some days. When she decides to go on with her life, she goes to the pub first… That is, in normal circumstances, a horrible idea, but luck wanted that she met someone there.


Drake: Hi! I would say a funny pickup line, but I think you may be too elegant for those… So, uh, mind if I buy you a drink? Or something. Please don’t turn me down, I can’t stand when that happens and I think you are cute and maybe we could be cute together? 

Stella could just tell him to get lost. If she had seen his profile on the Internet, she probably would have put him in “Losers”. Her instinct tells her to do otherwise, though.

Stella: I’m Stella, chatterbox. And if you want to invite me, you’ll have to scratch your pockets. I have expensive tastes.

Drake: Oh, that’s a beautiful name! It suits you. But I don’t have many money… Not for now. I’m a street musician… Don’t worry, because I will be famous in no time, and then I will be able to afford the best wines.


And Stella learnt that this loser and her have something in common, after all. Stella’s favourite hobby is playing the piano. Drake’s is playing guitar, and he wants to make a living out of it.

And when she is starting to think he deserves a chance, he gives her a bouquet of roses.


Drake: I was saving this… For when I’d met a nice girl.

Stella: That was a delightful detail! 

Oh, Stella! You are not falling in love with this boy, are you? Not even a little bit!

When they went outside for drinks, Stella had a nervous breakdown moment, and thought she had ruined her appearence and his good impression of her.


But that wasn’t true.


Drake: Are you okay?

Stella: Yes… It’s… It’s only… A weird thing I sometimes do.

Drake: But you’re lovely regardless.

After that, the rain stopped, and they got to watch the stars.



Stella didn’t act like herself: she wasn’t nervous, she wasn’t worried about looking like a silly teenager… She just cared about whispering in Drake’s ear and giggling.



After this night, Stella has seen him many times…



And he plays the guitar for her.



And she seems happy.



Gameplay: my aging system

The thought came to me this morning: my birthday is this month. And what does this have to do with sims, you may wonder? Well, when is my birthday my loved ones usually give me things. And as they know me, one of these things will probably be the uni EP.

And, if get the uni EP, I will like to play with uni sims. But I don’t have any sim that I want to send to uni who is of the right age, because all them are still teens. That wouldn’t be very bad… Except that unless I introduce some aging system now, they won’t ever be young adults.

So that motivated me to create this. I should actually have set it up for Seasons, but I stopped playing so often, and when I did I wasn’t feeling very nerdy. But now I am! (Nerdy and playing).

After all the rambling, I’m proud to introduce…

… My new, shiny, official aging system for Coffee City! (At least for now).

It’s quite simple. A month is 8 days. A year is 96 days. Each season is 24 days long. Pregnancy lasts 9 months, meaning 72 days. It’s really boring to explain (and to read) this, so I have made a chart to illustrate it. OK, so it’s a silly chart done in paint, but it’s quite clear and understandable.

Got it? It’s not really complicated. It’s a very, very long lifespan, which is nice because I’m very attached to my simmies and wouldn’t like them to die soon. I still have to decide on some things. For example, I haven’t set yet a pets lifespan, though it isn’t going to be very hard.

I have some problems with it: the first, that as it’s so long, I would have to calculate how old my sims are and age them with the birthday cake. I don’t matter having to do that, but I don’t know what to do with elders, as I don’t want to just kill them when they reach a certain age…

Besides, I have been informed that a major lasts, at most, two weeks. That’s awful! With this system, that would equal just a bit less than two months, and they should be at least 4 years in college. So far, I have thought in having them study most of the term in the home world (I would have to set up a fake uni system and a fake campus for that) and then sending them to study the last two weeks in the uni world, so they get they diploma. It would be like a boarding period, a studies travel or whatever.

So, what do you think about this? Tips, anyone?

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The sixth – A Wilson story

The Wilson may be a quite normal family, but that doesn’t mean their lives are quiet and predictable. At the beginning of our story, they had no idea of what was about to turn their world upside down.


Evelyn Wilson had a secret, but she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself forever. In fact, there was little time until it was impossible to hide.

“I ’m pregnant.”

The news made Dylan happy; although he didn’t worry about how fast the kids grew, like Evelyn did, he knew a baby could only add more joy to their home.

They both decided it was time to tell the kids.

To their relief, both Alice and Kevin shared their excitement.

As Evelyn’s pregnancy progressed, Alice started to help more and more around the house, cleaning, cooking, and playing with the little Kate.

Even with a wonderful daughter to assist her, Evelyn still felt overwhelmed sometimes.

She also was worried about how the baby would affect Kate; she was the quietest toddler, but she had been difficult lately. She refused to sleep in her own bedroom, and stopped using the potty. Evelyn tried to spend more time with her, playing and reading her books to see if that would help, but at the end she could only wish it were a temporary phase.

Dylan used his scientific knowledge to determine the gender of the baby: it was going to be a boy.

Little by little, things went back to normal. The family found balance, and Evelyn could work again on her passion: gardening.

In the meantime, Alice also had more free time… That she spent with her crush, Peter Robinson.

The Weekly Prom Dance was around the corner, and Alice concentrated a lot on it. It’s important to notice that she never did her best while distracted.

She tried to repair the washing machine, but she got shocked. Then it caught on fire. Seriously, it did.

Evelyn, as coward as she was, ran to extinguish the fire and save her child.

This said, then she went and grounded said child. Endangering everyone in the house wasn’t a cool thing to do, even if Alice didn’t mean it.

The day of the prom finally arrived. Alice and Peter went together, and how happy she was when he asked her to be his girlfriend!

Of course, being a formal girlfriend, Alice had some privileges. While she and Peter were having a date at the pub, she saw Mr Robinson and thought it was the perfect time to introduce herself.

Alice: Hello!

Mr Robinson: Uh, hello… And you are…?

Alice: Oh, alright, yes! My name is Alice, and I am your son’s girlfriend.

Daniel Robinson didn’t look very happy after hearing that.

The young couple was doing great, however.

They were always together. It could be related to the fact their brothers were almost the same sim, too.

Days passed, and weeks did too, without many changes. However, the family didn’t forget about the big day that was coming soon, as it finally did.

Evelyn found herself about to give birth while her husband was at work and the children at school.

Luckily, after a while, Dylan came back; as a doctor, he sure knew how to keep calm.

Despite the –ahem- professional attitude of the father, she had a healthy baby boy.

They named him Ethan, and he got the Disciplined and Loves the Outdoors traits.


Coffee City Sims really needs to change its circulation code, don’t you think?

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The Wilson Family

The Wilson Family are a bunch of lovely people. Evelyn and her husband Dylan are known for being happy over the smallest things. Their three children, (Alice, Kevin and the little Kate) have inherited their kind ways. Even when they may look quiet, there’s always something happening in the Wilson household.

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The Wright – Higgs family

Andrea Higgs and Oliver Wright are newcomers. They are in love and really have a lot on common, but they have opposite beliefs when it comes to supernatural. They try hard to stay together, but will it work?

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The Robinson home


You have already been introduced to the Robinson family, and now it’s time to see their house.

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